Heat Things Up this Summer with Dr. Whiteman’s June Featured Procedure

For women who want to adequately fill out their swimsuits, tank tops, or sundresses this summer, double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Whiteman performs various breast-related cosmetic procedures to help patients look and feel their best, no matter what they wear! This month, Dr. Whiteman is featured in Best Self Magazine and invites patients to take the first steps towards achieving the look they desire for their breasts.

body contouring atlanta gaDuring an initial consultation, Dr. Whiteman will discuss medical history, goals for a particular breast procedure(s), including different breast enlargement techniques and implant options that showcase the most natural looking results. Dr. Whiteman offers silicone, saline, and gummy bear breast implants for breast augmentation surgery. Determining which implant is right is best done by taking measurements, and trying on various implant sizes to determine the best size and type of breast implant to be used. Breast augmentation is ideal for individuals who may feel insecure about small breasts, have lost firmness due to childbearing, or have lost a large amount of weight.

If you’re looking for a bit of a lift, Dr. Whiteman performs a breast lift, or mastopexy surgery, for patients whose breasts have changed due to the effects of aging, gravity, weight changes, or childbirth. Dr. Whiteman uses multiple techniques when performing a breast lift and it is based on the size and shape of your breasts, the degree of sagging, as well as other contributing factors. When performing the surgery, the position of the breasts are raised and firmness is increased by removing extra skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the contours of the lifted breast. For minor correction to the placement of the breasts, Dr. Whiteman also performs mini breast lift surgery as well.

By combining breast augmentation surgery with a breast lift, patients can see an increase in the volume of their breasts while a lift will provide them a more youthful placement on the body, with the most natural looking results for each unique patient. If you’re interested in a breast procedure Dr. Whiteman performs, please contact us today to schedule your consultation.  For the most up-to-date plastic surgery news and specials be sure to connect with Dr. Whiteman on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

Dr. Whiteman Featured in May 2014 Best Self Atlanta Magazine

Heat things up this summer! This month, Dr. David Whiteman is featuring popular breast enhancement procedures: breast lift and breast augmentation, as seen in this month’s Best Self Magazine, which will have you looking your best while soaking up the sun.

Breast SizeAs some patients struggle with the appearance of their breasts, Dr. Whiteman offers saline, silicone, gummy bear breast implants to enhance the overall size of the breasts. During consultation, Dr. Whiteman will discuss your individual aesthetic goals and take measurements to determine which implants will look most natural, and proportionate for your figure. When choosing the right implant, multiple factors such as a patient’s height, rib cage size, size of overall body frame, weight, and current breast are all taken into consideration.

To restore your breasts natural shape and proportion, Dr. Whiteman may recommend breast lift surgery. As some patient’s experience sagging or loss of firmness in their breasts, breast lift surgery involves the removal of the excess skin surrounding the breast tissue and correcting the placement of the areola and nipple. By combining breast augmentation with a breast lift, a patient can achieve higher and firmer breasts while also enhancing her cup size.

If you’re interested in a breast augmentation or breast lift procedure, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. You can also connect with Dr. Whiteman on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for news and updates about plastic surgery and health and wellness.