Testing Performed during Breast Reduction Surgery may Help Detect Early Signs of Breast Cancer

The benefits of breast reduction surgery are obvious; in addition to giving patients a more comfortable breast size, a breast reduction can help alleviate common problems associated with large breasts such as neck and back pain, poor posture, a rash under the breast area, breathing problems, and difficulty engaging in physical activities.

But there may be another surprising benefit for those who opt to undergo this surgery. According to a new study presented at the 2009 conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in Seattle, testing the excess fat and tissue removed during breast reduction surgery can lead to better cancer detection. Of the two hundred plus cases that were reviewed, cancerous or pre-cancerous cells were found in 12.4 percent of patients – yet, none of these cancerous or potentially cancerous lesions were found in the mammograms required prior to surgery.

For women fighting breast cancer, early detection is key. With about 90,000 women opting to undergo breast reduction surgery in 2008, there is a great potential to help better identify women who are at-risk for this disease.

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Southern Plastic Surgery & The Sport of Giving

As you may know, Dr. David Whiteman is very active in supporting Breast Cancer care, research, and prevention. He has started many support groups for his breast reconstruction patients, but he has also been an active member in the research and prevention group called The Sport of Giving, a 501(c)(3) non-profit who recently finished up their big fund-raising tournaments for the spring. Since its inception in 2001, Dr. Whiteman and Southern Plastic Surgery proudly became a sponsor for their activities as well as being the Medical Advisor on their Board of Directors.

Starting with their kick-off celebration, The Pink Party, The Sport of Giving began hosting their three big tournaments: Volleyfest (Tennis), Swingfest (Golf), and Runfest (5k run/walk). All of these proved a great success, bringing in an estimated $175,000 from participants willing to support Breast Cancer care, research, and prevention. The money raised is going towards a variety of tools and services to better serve patients suffering from Breast Cancer in the Duluth and other Atlanta area cities.

From all of us at Southern Plastic Surgery, we want to wish the best of luck and extend our most sincere thanks to the efforts put forth not just by The Sport of Giving, but all those who selflessly participated and donated in their activities this year!