plastic surgery atlanta

With 17 years of surgical experience, Dr. David Whiteman has seen a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive patients.  Every shape, size, and ethnicity has been represented in his before and after pictures. As detailed in his previous blog post on the importance of custom tailoring cosmetic surgery like mommy makeovers, Dr. Whiteman realizes that a majority of cosmetic surgery patients want the same the thing:  to look like a revitalized version of themselves (ethnic diversity intact.)

This fact is cemented by nearly a decade of research by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) cataloging the rise in cosmetic surgery’s popularity amongst minorities.  According to the organization’s 2001 study, 17% of cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures were performed on individuals who classified themselves as a traditional ethnic minority.  That number had grown to 22% of all cosmetic surgical procedures by 2007 and continues to escalate today.

As the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Gwinnett Medical Center, Dr. Whiteman stays on top of the newest surgical techniques and frequently networks with other plastic surgeons so that he can best serve patients of differing backgrounds.  Additionally, he is a double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the United States as well as Canada.  Dr. Whiteman also makes it a priority to thoroughly get to know his patients and their individual expectations to ensure maximum surgical satisfaction.

To learn more about the cosmetic and reconstructive procedures thatDr. Whiteman performs, contact his office, visit his website, or read his blog.