For some people, certain more in-demand cosmetic procedures are synonymous with the very idea of plastic surgery. Facelift surgery is certainly among this group. And while the facelift has been a household name for years, there is still a lot that many prospective patients that I speak with may not understand about the procedure. This includes the basic aesthetic benefits that a facelift is capable of providing. This is why I wanted to set the record straight on the benefits of facelift surgery.

I perform different techniques for facelift surgery that can provide varying degrees of facial rejuvenation depending on the patient’s needs. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like myself, a facelift can help treat the following facial imperfections:

  • Loose, sagging facial skin and muscle
  • Deep lines or wrinkles in the folds between the nose and corner of the mouth
  • Loose skin and fat that cause the development of jowls along with cheeks and jawline
  • The appearance of a “double chin” or “turkey neck”

In the video below, I discuss the many ways that facelift surgery can help patients rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of their face:

In some cases, I am able to combine a facelift with other facial procedures like eyelid surgery if I think the patient would benefit from this more comprehensive approach. Regardless of the specific details of your facelift, the anti-aging results that this surgery is capable of delivering can be seriously life-changing. For more information on facelift surgery or if you would like to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation today, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery. Don’t forget to follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional plastic surgery videos, tips, photos, news, and more.