We all know someone who has been affected by gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts in men. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) estimates that gynecomastia affects roughly 40% of the male population in the US. This unwelcome enlargement can be the result of genetics, use of certain medications, weight gain or other unspecified reasons. For patients struggling with male breast enlargement, I typically recommend undergoing a male breast reduction procedure.

Male breast reduction can be a great way for guys to eliminate their enlarged breasts and improve the overall proportion of their physique. Male breast reduction procedures reduce the breast size while flattening and enhancing the patient’s chest to create a more masculine look. Though the physical results are often exceptional, the emotional toll lifted after a patient undergoes a male breast reduction can be even more significant. Many male breast reduction patients experience a major boost in confidence that comes with the ability to look better in their clothes and take their shirt off without feeling hesitant or self-conscious.

In the following video, I explain the many benefits of male breast reduction and the staggering effects this procedure can have on a patient’s life:

If you’re a guy suffering from gynecomastia, male breast reduction could be the answer you have been seeking. We have helped men from in their teenage years to men who are far later in life. Male breast reduction can help a wide variety of men, ranging from professional football players to couch potatoes and everything in between. Though to be sure, I always recommend patients who are curious to schedule a complimentary consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to discuss their specific aesthetic goals and determine the correct course of action. For more information or to schedule your male breast reduction consultation, contact Dr. David Whiteman at Southern Plastic Surgery today. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for additional tips and news updates.