Facial plastic surgery trends throughout the world are continuously ever-changing. Whether it’s wanting to resemble a specific celebrity, the impact of social media platforms, or just the desire to address certain problem areas, individuals of all ethnicities have a look in mind that they wish to achieve. In order to produce the most natural, aesthetically-pleasing results, I implement a variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques that are tailored to complement the different cultural traits for each patient.

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta GAAccording to a recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), there was a 10% increase in facial plastic surgery for African American, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino patients with rhinoplasty as the most popular procedure.

With a specialized focus on ethnic rhinoplasty, I utilize expert precision to preserve cultural characteristics that each individual possesses. For African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, or Asian patients, because skin, bone, and tissue structure all vary in ethnic rhinoplasty, traditional techniques may not produce the most natural-looking results.

For example, African American noses are typically thicker than Caucasian noses with a wide tip, flat bridge, and flared nostrils. To reduce the appearance of a large or flat nose, I focus on building the bridge of the nose to create a more defined look. Asian patients generally have smaller noses with a straight bridge, while Hispanic patients have a wider base but weaker cartilage and nasal bridges. For these reasons, I apply unique methods such as an implantless technique in which I graft the patient’s own skin, bone, and tissue to reshape the nose.  Using the patient’s own materials considerably decreases the risk of complications and provides a more natural-looking rhinoplasty result.

Additionally, I perform non-surgical techniques in which I incorporate the use of facial fillers such as Juvéderm®, Expression® and Restylane® to revitalize the nose and surrounding area. Injecting fillers into the tip, base, or bridge of the nose can restore areas of lost volume and straighten the bridge, which produces an aesthetically-pleasing outcome.  Though facial fillers require minimal downtime, results are not permanent and require multiple follow-up appointments for maintaining results.

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