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The numbers are in and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2015 was a BIG year for plastic surgery growth. An unprecedented 13.5 billion dollars was spent on cosmetic procedures in the United States alone. On top of that, there were more than 15.9 million total cosmetic procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. With a 2% increase in the number of people choosing to nip, tuck, and enhance, it’s a positive affirmation in the great strides our community is steadily making towards plastic surgery being a commonly accepted practice among men and women of all ages. Of the top procedures recorded, breast enhancement remains one of the top choices – and for good reason if you ask many of my breast surgery patients! Let’s take a look at the top breast surgery procedures that topped the list in 2015.


Plastic surgery has been my passion for over 22 years and I’m always optimistic that it will continue to grow more socially acceptable as we, as a whole, gain better understanding of the motivations people have for cosmetic procedures and how truly life-changing the results can be for many. If you’re interested in breast augmentation, breast lift, female or male breast reduction, or any of the additional breast procedures I perform, please don’t hesitate to contact the Southern Plastic Surgery (SPS) office at 770-622-9100 to get started. Stay connected with me, Dr. David Whiteman, and the rest of the SPS team on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube for more of the latest statistics and trending plastic surgery topics.