TouchMD Consultations

Dr. David Whiteman and the Southern Plastic Surgery team are often trying to improve the consultation experience for all of our patients.

TouchMD is patient education software that we use as a great resource for patients before, during and after the consultation process by utilizing custom content tailored to your specific treatment.  With TouchMD, we can upload a patient’s before photos to a unique profile where we can help illustrate procedure options in a visual way.  TouchMD has drawing tools to help patients visualize their results and these are used as we discuss the various techniques and procedural options for your cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery procedure.  We can look at the results from actual previous patients, procedural videos and surgery-specific details that can help in deciding if a procedure is best for you.

Once you leave our office, we don’t want it to feel like school where we send you off with a ton of literature to study.  With TouchMD, you can easily access ALL of the materials we discussed during the consultation, in the privacy of your own home.  Using any computer, tablet or mobile device, TouchMD stores all consultation photos, including previous patient before and after pictures, notes and any specifics we discuss about the procedure.  TouchMD uses a secure network and unique log-in, so a patient’s information can be viewed privately or shared with only those they want to share it with.  Our goal is to make sure your plastic surgery experience goes smoothly before, during and after surgery and TouchMD software helps us do just that.