Last week brought tragic news of the passing of Solange Magnano, 2009 Miss Argentina. The model and pageant queen, only 38 years old and the mother of twins, died due to complications with a cosmetic surgery procedure of the buttocks.

Magnano’s surgery was performed in her home country of Argentina, which also happens to be a hot spot for medical tourism in the plastic surgery industry. While Magnano’s story is a tragic one, it also serves as a reminder to potential plastic surgery patients to only seek care from qualified, experienced, and board certified plastic surgeons.

We recently posted a blog on the dangers of medial tourism. (Click here to read more). With more and more people opting to travel to other countries (like Argentina) for their cosmetic procedures, consumers must be reminded of the dangers of traveling outside of the U.S. for their surgeries. Unlike the United States, which has regulatory, independent boards to provide certification for doctors, other countries have limited or no surgical regulations – providing no benchmark for a surgeon’s qualifications or safety.

I cannot reiterate enough the importance of going to a surgeon, in the United States, that is board certified in plastic surgery. Doing so greatly reduces the risk of surgical complications.

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