“Is this true or false?” This is a question that I receive constantly from prospective plastic surgery patients that I speak with during consultations. I truly appreciate people’s willingness to do their own research before coming in to discuss a cosmetic procedure, however, some of the things that they read online are truly out there and simply not true. Especially when it comes to complex procedures like fat transfer injections that many patients may not fully understand. That’s why I wanted to set the record straight on a few common misconceptions about this cosmetic procedure.

fat-transferStatement #1: Fat Transfer Results Will Last Forever
This is false. It is true that some of the fat does will last a lifetime, but that amount is unpredictable. Experts estimate that 50% of the fat injected will last forever, but this can vary from patient to patient. Fat transfer patients should be prepared to have a second procedure if necessary.

Statement #2: Fat Transfer Will Lead to Scarring
While it’s true that some degree of visible scarring is a natural part of undergoing plastic surgery, scarring after fat transfer injections is often extremely minimal. Because liposuction incisions are typically just a few millimeters long, the scars left behind are also very small. I do my best during surgery to make my incisions in less prominent locations that will not leave much visible scarring or scars will be concealed in creases of the skin.

Statement #3: Fat Transfer Can Replace Breast Implants During Augmentation
This is false. Some women do choose to use fat transfer for the breasts in place of traditional breast augmentation with implants, however, the results are not intended to be comparable. Enhancing the breasts with fat transfer can help women who wish to achieve a modest, natural-looking increase in breast volume. Some women even use fat transfer in combination with breast implants to help improve the shape of their new breasts.

When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing this procedure, fat transfer injections can be a safe, effective, and versatile treatment that can help rejuvenate areas all over the body. However, it’s best to know what is fact and what is fiction beforehand to help establish and maintain realistic expectations before your procedure has taken place. For more information on fat transfer injections or other plastic surgery procedures, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today to schedule a complimentary consultation. You can also follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more plastic surgery tips, news, and photos.