woman-points-to-mans-noseLike so many other cosmetic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty surgery (also known as a “nose job” to some) can be done in different ways depending on the specific needs of each patient. In fact, as a board-certified plastic surgeon, I pride myself on being flexible and doing what I can to offer different approaches to address common aesthetic issues. In the case of nose recontouring, I have seen fantastic results with both surgical and non-surgical approaches. Today, I thought it would be instructive to discuss these different rhinoplasty options in more detail to better educate anyone interested in this procedure.

Traditional Rhinoplasty Surgery

A tried and true plastic surgery procedure for many years, rhinoplasty surgery is used to bring balance to the face by adjusting the size, shape, and/or contour of a person’s nose. Rhinoplasty is hugely popular with both male and female patients, and can even be performed on younger (teenaged) patients in some cases. During the pre-surgery consultation, we will discuss your goals at length to determine the best technique I plan to use during the procedure.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery

I also perform what is known as ethnic rhinoplasty, which utilizes specific techniques on patients from different ethnic backgrounds who may have unique aesthetic preferences based on their facial structure. Instead of trying to hide or minimize these features, ethnic rhinoplasty can be done to help enhance certain natural features. During an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, I am especially careful to make sure to preserve the ethnic identity of each patient.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

While not technically “rhinoplasty” in the classic sense, non-surgical nose rejuvenation can be an ideal choice for some patients. During non-surgical rhinoplasty, I use injectable dermal fillers to help smooth out the contour of the nose. This can be very beneficial for people who wish to address a pronounced bump on the bridge of their nose, as well as those concerned with drooping in the tip of the nose or a mildly crooked nose. In recent years, this procedure has become extremely in-demand among millennials and younger patients.

It’s very important to my staff and I that our patients receive the results and overall experience they deserve without ever feeling like they have to compromise or conform to someone else’s idea of what plastic surgery should be. For more information on rhinoplasty or to schedule a complimentary cosmetic surgery consultation, contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today. Don’t forget to follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for additional patient testimonials, news, and much more.