There’s no second guessing what happens to us as we age – we start to look older. These noticeable effects aren’t just limited to natural aging and they certainly aren’t limited to the face, which is often one of the first places we notice signs of getting older. There are numerous contributions that can factor into the progressions of our bodies aging, but as a double-board certified plastic surgeon with a knack for helping patients address concerns they have with their physical appearance, today I want to focus on the breasts. Patients often ask what can cause changes to their breasts and while there are many, today I want to share my thoughts on the top three causes I’ve noticed among my own Atlanta breast surgery patients:

  • What Can Cause Changes to the BreastsWeight loss & weight gain – weight fluctuations can happen to us all. From holiday feasts to personal injuries that may create a more sedentary lifestyle than we’re used to, excessive weight loss and weight gain can wreak havoc on the breasts. What tends to happen is a patient’s weight may balloon and once they are able to get the weight off again, they are often left with an excess of skin because it has become so stretched that it’s virtually impossible to return to its previous appearance. Between the effects of gravity and the skin’s tendency to lose elasticity as we age, often patients find that their breasts droop and sag, and no amount of diet or exercise is able to remedy this. This is where cosmetic breast procedures would come into play to help patients reduce excess skin, restore firmness, and lift the breasts to a higher, more proportionate position on the body. {My surgical recommendation: breast lift and/or breast augmentation}
  • Pregnancy & childbirth – similarly to patients who experience weight-fluctuations, mothers experience significant change to their breasts as they grow to prepare the mother for breastfeeding during their pregnancy. The most notable change to a mother’s breast is sagging (which happens after childbirth) once the breasts are no longer supplying breast milk and return to their new form. {My surgical recommendation: breast lift and/or breast augmentation}
  • Gynecomastia – Gynecomastia is a term used to describe a medical condition that causes overly large breasts among men of all ages, body types and weights (this condition affects 40-60% of men and is typically caused by a hormone imbalance, hereditary predisposition, or excess weight). Gynecomastia can occur in young boys up through adulthood and can often contribute to both physical and emotion concerns. Men may feel embarrassed by their noticeable breasts and this could prohibit them from actively exercising – possibly contributing to health issues later on in life. Unfortunately, no amount of diet or exercise can remedy gynecomastia and only plastic surgery can create a smoother, more masculine chest. {My surgical recommendation: male breast reduction}

It’s my belief that breast surgery can have significantly-positive benefits for patients that are concerned with changes that occur to their breasts. My goal is to work with patients to achieve their aesthetic goals with the most natural-looking results possible to help them feel confident on the inside, out. I welcome the opportunity to work with patients of all ages and encourage anyone interested in exploring their breast surgery options to contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, to set up your complimentary consultation or to answer any questions you may have!