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Based on the recently-released annual report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), we know plastic surgery is more popular than ever in the US. But what does that mean for cosmetic breast surgery specifically? Of the 1,542,675 plastic surgery procedures performed last year, cosmetic breast surgery accounted for 612,715 of them. This means that nearly 40% of all cosmetic surgery performed in the US last year were intended to address an aesthetic concern related to the breasts.

What is Trending in Cosmetic Breast Surgery Today

The most prominent of these procedures was breast augmentation, which passed liposuction to become the most commonly-performed cosmetic procedure of all last year. This is no surprise, as breast augmentation has always been very popular, and patients have more breast implant options than ever to customize their procedures to their specific needs and preferences. Breast lifts were also among the most popular surgeries performed, accounting for 142,710 procedures last year.

Of the major types of cosmetic breast surgery, breast lifts and breast reduction procedures saw the most significant increases in popularity over the last year (13.9% and 9.3% respectively). This is in line with the recent trend of smaller, more modest breast contours becoming more in-demand in recent years. I have compiled a few more statistics on breast surgery that I thought prospective patients may find interesting:

  • The number of breast lifts performed annually have increased by 57.5% since 2012, the second most among all cosmetic surgeries.
  • Nearly half of all breast augmentation procedures were performed on women between the ages of 19-34, making it by far the most common surgery for women in this age range.
  • Male Breast Reduction to treat the effects of gynecomastia was the third most common cosmetic surgery procedure for male patients (31,368 procedures).
  • Over 21,000 patients opted to undergo fat transfer injections to the breast (using their own fat that is removed during liposuction).

Cosmetic breast surgery is more in-demand than ever, thanks in large part to the amazing advances in medical technology we have seen over the past several years. Safely undergoing a cosmetic procedure and achieving amazing, potentially life-changing aesthetic results has never been easier. However, to ensure that you have the smoothest cosmetic surgery experience possible, it’s essential to find a dependable and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. For more information or to schedule your cosmetic breast surgery consultation today, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ for more tips, photos, news, and more from the world of plastic surgery.