We are in the thick of gift-giving season. This time of year, it’s common to hear from people who would like to give cosmetic surgery as a gift to someone special in their life. Plastic surgery can be an outstanding gift for both men and women. If your significant other is considering a cosmetic procedure to improve some aspect of their appearance but has not done so yet for whatever reason, giving the gift of plastic surgery can may the a great way to show your love and appreciation.

What To Know Before Giving Plastic Surgery As A Gift

However, giving the gift of plastic surgery is not as simple as buying someone a new sweater or headphones. For starters, the gift recipient must first meet with their board-certified plastic surgeon to confirm that they are a good candidate for their respective procedure, and also to make sure that the specific surgeon is the right person to perform their surgery. Additionally, while your gift may be coming from a place of generosity and affection, it’s important to be delicate when presenting the gift so that the recipient doesn’t take it as a slight or criticism of their appearance. If you are considering giving plastic surgery as a gift this holiday season, we recommend following these recommendations:

  • Make sure to discuss your idea in advance with the gift recipient. Ideally, they will have previously shown interest in undergoing a cosmetic procedure.
  • Remember that a consultation is still required before any final procedure decisions are made.
  • Take your time when researching which plastic surgeon you select. Make sure they are board-certified and dig into their online reviews to get a good idea of how their past patients feel about them and their work.
  • Let your loved one choose their own procedure. Plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision and it’s important for the patient to feel like they are in control of their own circumstances.
  • I recommend buying them a gift card instead of paying for a specific procedure. This way they have the option to use their gift for a non-surgical cosmetic procedure if they so choose.

When properly considered and thought through, giving the gift of plastic surgery to someone special this holiday season can provide a special, life-changing impact that can last for years. However, it’s important to follow these steps in order to have the best experience possible with your gift-giving. For more information or to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional tips, news, and more.