plastic surgeryLike so many other industries, plastic surgery began to really slow at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, my own personal experience here at Southern Plastic Surgery, as well as statistics throughout the industry, indicate that the previous lull is long gone. Plastic surgery business seems to be booming all over the country, with many practices experiencing a previously unseen volume of business. I wanted to delve into this topic and give my insight as to what might be driving this recent surge in cosmetic surgery popularity.

This is obviously excellent news, and it’s great to see so many businesses thriving and so many patients taking the steps to look and feel their best. I have a few theories as to what might be driving this uptick in demand. For starters, you can’t underestimate the impact of social media and a more open-minded attitude about aesthetic rejuvenation. More celebrities and influencers than ever are speaking proudly about taking a proactive approach to their appearance, which in turn certainly emboldens other prospective patients to do the same without feeling self-conscious or ashamed.

Another driving force in my opinion is the rise of video conferencing and remote work. A natural side effect of using Zoom or other video chat apps is constantly seeing yourself on a screen. This can provide additional motivation for those who have previously wished to alter some aspect of their appearance with a cosmetic surgery procedure or cosmetic treatment. An added bonus of remote work is that patients now have the ability to spend their plastic surgery recovery period at home, without needing to take any time off of work.

According to a recent survey from The Aesthetic Society, the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures over the last year are as follows:

  • Liposuction
  • Facelift Surgery
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery
  • Breast Lift

Regardless of the reason for this recent spike in demand, it’s certainly heartening to see more patients than ever turn to cosmetic surgery as a tool to improve their appearance. For more information on plastic surgery or if you would like to schedule a plastic surgery consultation, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today. You can also follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for additional tips, news, and so much more.