Double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. David Whiteman frequently has patients ask him what the difference is between saline and silicone breast implants.  For each woman, there are many factors that play into which breast implant will provide the most aesthetically pleasing results for their unique needs.  Some of these factors include:  the patient’s goals, body type, type of breast implant, shape of breast implant, and surface texture of implant.

Both saline and silicone implants are safe andsaline-silicone-breast-implants-atlanta-ga FDA-approved for breast augmentation surgery. Saline implants have a silicone outer shell filled with sterile saline solution.  Some patients prefer saline implants as the shell will be filled after the implant is inserted allowing for alternative incision options such as through the underarm (transaxillary breast augmentation), around the areola, along the bottom of the breast, or through TUBA incision (incision around the naval).

Silicone breast implants have a silicone outer shell that is pre-filled with silicone gel. Some patients prefer silicone implants as they believe they provide a more natural look. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Whiteman safely uses both options for his Atlanta breast surgery patients.

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