The use of fat transfer injections has grown exponentially in recent years. And with good reason. Fat transfer injections allow patients to use their own fat (removed with liposuction) to add volume to areas of the body that they feel need a bit of rejuvenation. But what areas can be safely treated with fat transfer? This is a question I have received from many curious patients. That’s why I wanted to set the record straight on this subject once and for all.

Fat Transfer for the Face

As the years go on, it’s natural for certain areas of the face to begin to look sunken due to lost volume. Fat transfer injections for the face can help. I typically recommend fat transfer for patients who I think may benefit from a bit of added volume to the lower half of their face including the cheeks and lips.

Fat Transfer for the Breasts

Fat transfer for the breasts presents women with an alternative to traditional breast augmentation. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these procedures will provide different results and many women may still prefer to undergo breast augmentation with breast implants. Fat transfer for the breasts is intended to provide a modest increase in breast size. It can also be used to help women who experience breast asymmetry. In some cases, fat transfer and breast augmentation can even be performed together.

Fat Transfer for the Buttocks

Fat transfer can be an effective tool for buttocks enhancement. This is known as the Brazilian butt lift and it has become very in-demand in recent years. The end result is typically a narrower waist and a shapelier buttocks and hip area that many women desire.

Fat Transfer for Other Areas

The face, breasts, and buttocks may be the most common areas for fat transfer injections, but this is a versatile treatment that can also help replenish lost volume in other areas of the body. Some patients may use fat transfer injections to help smooth out the contours of their hands and reduce the appearance of wrinkles or reduce visible scarring.

In my experience, the more options that a patient has to choose from, the more likely they will be to find the procedure or treatment that best matches their aesthetic goals. I’m proud to offer fat transfer injections and have seen firsthand the outstanding impact this revolutionary procedure can have. For more information on fat transfer injections or to schedule a complimentary consultation today, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery. And follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional tips, news, and more.