Follow-up care is very important in order to preserve your cosmetic surgery results. Though many patients may take this to mean that they should consult with their plastic surgeon soon after their procedure (and they certainly should), there is also immense value in keeping in touch with your surgeon. After all, we too have a stake in our patients achieving the best-possible long-term results from their procedure.

Why You Should Schedule a 10-Year Breast Augmentation ReunionFor patients who have undergone a breast augmentation procedure, this is especially important. I personally believe that breast augmentation patients should always make an effort to communicate with their surgeons about any changes to the way their implants look or feel as the years go on. That’s why I recommend my breast augmentation patients schedule a “10-year reunion” appointment to evaluate the condition of their implants and options for the future if necessary.

A person’s body will go through all kinds of changes in the years following their breast augmentation. Whether they are major changes following a pregnancy, weight gain or just natural effects of aging, these changes can negatively affect the long-term results of a breast augmentation. A 10-year reunion with your cosmetic surgeon is the perfect time to discuss any issues with your implants that you may be experiencing including:

  • Age-related sagging or breast asymmetry that occurs.
  • Any rupture or minor leakage from the implant or even capsular contracture.
  • Normal wear and tear that occurs over time.

Also keep in mind that surgical techniques and breast implant options can change and become more sophisticated over any 10-year period, so many women see this period as a great time for a reunion. Styles and societal norms change over time as well, like the current trend towards women wanting smaller breasts. If your original implants do not accommodate the look you are currently trying to achieve, it may be time to speak with your surgeon about your options.

If you are still happy with your breast augmentation results 10 years down the road, I am not saying that any change is necessarily required. I am simply stating that a 10-year breast checkup is always a good way to gauge the status of your implants and plan for the future of your breasts should that be required. If you would like to schedule an appointment to check on the status of your breast augmentation results, please contact Dr. David Whiteman at Southern Plastic Surgery today. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for more plastic surgery tips and updates.